Proposed residential development consisting of 74 no. 2-storey terraced dwelling houses (19 no. 2-bedroom, 49 no. 3-bedroom and 6 no. 4-bedroom), 88 no. apartments (6 no. single storey 1-bedroom, 38 no. single storey 2-bedroom and 44 no. 2-bedroom duplex) to be provided in 22 no. 3-storey corner blocks & a 2-storey creche. Pedestrian and cycle access to the North Ring Road (R635) is proposed via 2 no. pedestrian/cycle bridges across the Glen River with 1 no. bridge providing for a connection to an existing pedestrian path between the North Ring Road and the adjacent Barnavara Crescent Estate and 1 no. bridge providing for a new pedestrian route and pedestrian entrance to the North Ring Road. Connecting amenity paths, landscaping and all ancillary site development works are proposed on lands to the south of the Glen River. Ancillary site development works to include provision of play areas, bike parking stands and bin stores. Vehicular access to the proposed development will be via 2 shared vehicular and pedestrian entrances from the Banduff Road and 6 no. additional pedestrian entrances from Banduff Road are also proposed.